The tourism sector

The most practiced types of tourism are sight-seeing and business. This sector is of capital importance given the magnitude of investment carried out in it. From diverse renovated and constructed infrastructure, one can see from Brazzaville the neighbouring town of Kinshasa from the ledge of River Congo, the Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza Memorial, the River Djiri, the Kintélé sports complex and its access road, the very recent University, the renovated airport, the Djoué rapids, the "les cataractes" site in the South of the town etc. In fact, recent studies on hotel statistics in Brazzaville between 2006 and 2012 show an improvement from 225 to 405 hotels according to the Directorate General of Tourism and Hotel Industry (Umbrella Project for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Republic of Congo). Many cultural festivals are hosted such as the Pan-African Music Festival, the De Brazza Fireworks, Biennial Congolese Forum on Arts and Letters. Promotion and assistance of this sector is ensured by travel agencies (Congo Travels and Hotel, Achilles voyages, Hongora voyages), hotels and restaurants.