Municipal finances

The management of municipal finances is under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Finance Directorate, which is comprised of:

  • Fiscal and Parafiscal Services
  • Expenditure Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Budgeting Services

Each service is managed and run by a department head appointed by order of the President of the County and City Council and Mayor of the City, upon the proposal of the Secretary-General after consultation with the Director of Municipal Finance.

Fiscal and Parafiscal Service is charged with:

  • Assess, liquidate and manage taxes, duties, taxes and levies.
  • Research taxable activities
  • Identify Potential Taxpayers
  • Conduct Tax investigations
  • Centralize all district level financial activities
  • Manage Inactive values
  • Prepare deliberations and orders for projects
  • Educate citizens on taxes, duties, and levies
  • Ensure Control of budget execution.

The expenditure service is charged with:

  • Execute the municipal budget
  • Centralize all municipality expenditures
  • Ensure the liquidation of all municipal expenses
  • Manage expenses on equipment.
  • Monitor budget consumptions
  • Produce Monthly expense reports
  • Produce Monthly expense and debt reports

Accounting service is charged with:

  • Prepare the municipality budget
  • Monitor the receipt and expenditure of the municipal budget
  • Analyze the municipal budget
  • Prepare periodic accounting reports

Budgeting Services are responsible for:

  • Paying the expenses for the operation of district councils within the limit of the amount of subsidy allocated to each.
  • Produce Periodic statements of expenditures