Message from the Mayor


" It is true that the construction of a city never ends; one hundred and twenty-five (125) years after it was founded, Brazzaville remains a work in progress. Today more than ever, Brazzaville needs a rebirth due to the effects of sociopolitical unrest. This is the task to which we have set out efforts for many years. It is a huge undertaking that requires daily attention, continuous imagination, and significant inputs of human and technical resources.

Through our website, we want to offer you the opportunity to learn about our city, our ambitions, and our achievements. It is a platform that invites you to meet the people of this great city and to share your ideas.

We trust that the site will provide you with the information that you seek on Brazzaville, and we welcome your suggestions for making it even better.

So please browse around and discover our city.


Happy reading! "

Mayor of the City of Brazzaville,
President of the Departmental and Municipal Council