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Congo is a Central African country which has Brazzaville as its political capital. This country has a surface area of 342 000 km² and is blessed with natural resources. From the soil to the rich sub-soil, the main natural resource is oil which covers about 80% of State revenue; the second which is wood is under-exploited. Future objectives are the diversification of the economy through exploitation of other resources considering the instability of oil prices in the market. Also, the hydrography of Congo leaves a vast network of water bodies, which mainly constitute the Congo Basin. In order to diversify its economy in 2016, the Congolese government focused on increasing oil production which went from 89 million barrels in 2015 to 96 million barrels in 2016, as well as the proper management of other economic activities such as agriculture, manufacturing industries, transport, telecommunication and trade.

Fishing is a predominant activity in the Congo River basin whereas agriculture is the main activity in mainland Congo. By virtue of all these, Brazzaville has immense business potentials in several sectors:

However, there is little involvement of the private sector in economic activity. The service sector is relatively dormant due to the predominance of the State which relies on high-demand sectors such as public works for the industrialization of the country. Brazzaville is also noted for playing host to a high number of foreigners with business relations with mild tax laws in order to favor foreign investment. IN addition, with a mainly juvenile population (more than 40%), private investment in the education sector is weak. Even if business is presently the main reason for travelling to Congo, it is indispensable for private investors to engage in sectors like public, land and water transport, energy distribution (water and electricity), fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry, posts and telecommunications, whose abundant resources remain under-exploited as compared to their respective potentials.


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