The boroughs

The organization of the municipality of Brazzaville

The organization of the municipality of Brazzaville, derives its existence from Law No. 3-2003 of 17 January 2003 establishing the territorial administration according to the principles of decentralization. In Article 2, the territorial administrative organization divides the national territory into departments, municipalities, boroughs, districts, urban communities, rural communities, neighborhoods, and villages. Article 12 of the Act defines a municipality as an urban agglomeration arising from a similar administrative and geographical entity, with a minimum level of economic, social and cultural development. It is placed under the authority of a mayor, elected by indirect suffrage.

The Brazzaville municipality therefore is divided into 9 boroughs and neighborhoods.


The borough is a subdivision of the municipality, which ensures the relay of government action. Boroughs are responsible for maintaining and managing a minimum number of administrative, economic, and socio-cultural activities

All these boroughs are under the authority of a mayor appointed by presidential decree.

Districts of the municipality of Brazzaville