Borough 6 : Talangaï

Municipality 6 Talangaï is bounded to the North by Municipality 9 Djiri, to the South by Municipality 5 Ouenzé, to the East by River Congo and to the West by the bridge of River Mikalou. It has a population of 500.000 inhabitants.

Administrator-Mayor : Mr. Privat Fréderic NDEKE
Secretary General : Mr. Jean AMBOUA

Talangaï Mayor’s office
Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
Tel: +242

Historical background

Initially, the municipality was made of two small villages: Madjiri and Intsiba. Madjiri was located in the area where the Talangaï council is presently located and Intsiba located where we have the Talangaï hospital. At the time of French Equatorial Africa (FEA), two French colonial officials, Mr Fournier and Mr Monpays had settled respectively on the site of the present Talangaï hospital and that of the Armée du Salut, situated between Bouanga and Mbé streets going towards River Tsiémé.

In 1964, when Mr Moïse TSOMBE, the then Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) decided to chase nationals from Congo Brazzaville out of the capital Leopoldville. They then came and settled on this site given to them by Mr Joseph NGOBALI, a land owner.

Joseph NGOBALI’s land stretched from Avenue de l’Intendance to river Mikarou commonly called Mikalou out of sheer deformation, passing through Azouna village (towards the present CIESPAC), right to River Ngakwi from where Ngamakosso quarter derives its name.

After settling his compatriots expelled from DRC, Ngobali then divided his lands from which two quarters were created. The first quarter stretched from the present Quarter 62 (Dragage), passing through Ibeli Ndzo (elephants’ legs) presently called Kanga Mbandzi quarter, an area located opposite Talangaï hospital right to the present NGOBALI of which he was himself the first quarter head. His headquarters was located on Rue Mayombe, on the former Avenue de l’OFNACOM.

The second quarter stretched from Avenue de l’Intendance to River Tsiémé, a little up towards River, headed by his younger brother Jean ALIE.

The repatriated Congolese, mainly from the Kongo tribe, were farmers. That is how the farming area of Kronenbourg was given to them. Thereafter a cooperative was created with Ngobali as president.

History tells us that the name « Talangaï » was given by Congolese who had come from Leopoldville. This was the name of a quarter there in Leopoldville. Before becoming a common law civil status centre in 1970, this municipality was attached to Ngamaba district.

The first citizen to administer Talangaï as a common law civil status centre, was Gilbert OPANDET.

Administrative setup

Administratively, Municipality 6 Talangaï is sub-divided into 8 quarters as follows:

Quarter number Quarter Number of zones Number of blocks
Quarter 61 Mpila    
Quarter 62 Intendance    
Quarter 63 Texaco Tsiémé    
Quarter 64 Fleuve Congo    
Quarter 65 Joseph GOBALI    
Quarter 66 Champ de Tir    
Quarter 67 Gaston LENDA    
Quarter 68 Maman MBOUALE    

Administrative services

Talangaï Mayor’s office is run by the following services:

  • Service for administration and personnel ;
  • Service for regularisation ;
  • Service for agriculture and animal husbandry ;
  • Service for social affairs ;
  • Service for culture and arts ;
  • Service for hygiene ;
  • Service for urban affairs ;
  • Talangaï secondary treasury ;
  • Sectorial Inspectorate for Sports and Physical Education ;
  • Sectorial Inspectorate Youth and Social Education Infrastructure;
  • Constituency of State property for Municipality 6 Talangaï ;
  • Constituency for land tenure ;
  • Inspectorate for primary education I ;
  • Inspectorate for primary education II ;
  • Service for Immigration and Emigration ;
  • Service for civic and moral education ;
  • Service for identification.

Synoptic table for administrators

Gilbert OPANDET (1970-1979)
Martin TSONO (1979-1984)
Pierre Wilfrid OGNIKA (1984-1989)
Georges MBONGO (1989-1990)
Pascal MBOU (1990-1992)
Fidèle FOUAKAFOUENI (Secrétaire général assurant l’intérim) (1992-1993)
Michel DZAMA (1993-1997)
Aimé BOKINO (1997-2003)
Albert LEYONO (2003-2006)
Gaston YOKA (2006-2008)
Privat Fréderic NDEKE (2008 à nos jours)
La mairie de Talangaï dans la commune de Brazzaville
Town hall of Talangaï in the municipality of Brazzaville